When you want to express your true feelings, or make a connection, it can be easy to assume that the person you’re chatting with has a good story to tell.

But the truth is, friendship quotes are a big part of the internet, and if you’ve never heard of them, it’s not a big surprise.

The word ‘friend’ in the title is a little misleading.

The term actually means ‘relationship,’ and the quote you see above comes from a popular online dating app.

The quote is from one of the “favorite quotes” of people on the app, and it comes from one person named Brittany, who recently moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend, and is known for sharing the most intimate and touching details of her time living in New York City.

You could call it an intimate account of a moment in your life, and then someone could use the same quote in a public forum to describe what you did in that moment.

But that’s not what this person did.

Instead, she shared her most intimate story, and used it to make a public statement about her personal struggles with depression.

According to Brittany, she and her boyfriend spent three months living in the city in 2016.

That year, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which was later turned into schizophrenia.

She struggled with the diagnosis, but at the time, she wasn’t ready to share her story publicly.

She was still adjusting to living in a place she didn’t feel comfortable living in, and her new roommate, a homeless man named Anthony, was not a person she could speak with.

Anthony and Brittany had an interesting relationship.

They met online, and after a year, they got engaged.

But Brittany had mental health issues, and she was struggling with depression herself.

At the time of their engagement, Brittany was living in an apartment with an ex boyfriend, a person who was also on medication for bipolar disorder.

When she found Anthony, she had a problem.

She thought he was a good man, but he was not the kind of man she wanted to be with.

The first time they met, Brittany felt like Anthony was a friend.

They got along well, and Brittany was looking forward to moving in together.

They started dating in November, and by December, she began to notice an improvement in her depression.

They decided to end the relationship.

Anthony’s illness worsened, and on March 4, 2017, Brittany asked Anthony to leave the apartment she shared with Anthony.

Anthony, who was still on medication, refused to leave.

They continued living together for a few weeks, and Anthony went into a state of depression, and began to threaten Brittany.

On April 5, 2017 Anthony walked out of the apartment, and was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Brittany and Anthony got into a heated argument, and he left.

Anthony was released on bond, and soon after, Brittany and her mother were notified.

Anthony was charged with second-degree criminal trespass and was held at the Bronx County Jail.

Brittany’s mother, who is also a psychologist, saw Anthony’s bond and saw that Anthony was not acting out of a desire to hurt Brittany, but instead a desire for a romantic relationship with her.

Brittany’s mother called the police and told them that Anthony had attacked Brittany.

Brittany was able to contact Anthony’s lawyer, and the police charged him with second degree criminal trespass, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

After being charged, Anthony was sent to jail.

Britton was devastated by her arrest, and felt like her entire life was going to change forever.

The police had already taken Anthony’s life, so it was only a matter of time before she would go through the same.

On April 8, 2017 , Brittany called Anthony’s family.

She asked if Anthony would be willing to speak with her, and they agreed.

She called Anthony to tell him of her decision to end their relationship, and how she felt about Anthony.

He was distraught, and told Brittany that he was sorry, and that he didn’t know why he was acting out in such a violent way.

Brinson had not expected to hear from him for so long.

But she also didn’t expect that he would talk about his own mental health.

She also wasn’t expecting to hear about the way Anthony treated her and how he was using her for his own personal gain.

Britta told Anthony that he had to come clean with her about the mental health issue, and to share what he had done with her so that she could take responsibility for it.

She told him that she didn-t want to hurt him anymore, and suggested that he come clean and tell her what he did to her.

She then offered to pay for a mental health professional to help her.

The next day, Anthony met with Brittany’s lawyer.

He said that he believed Brittany had told the truth and that the charges against him were baseless.

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