My first love lamp. 

I bought this lamp at a local thrift store and used it to light up the backyard. 

It has a built in light that lights up when you touch it. 

But when I started trying to make the lamp look better, I found that I had to buy a new lightbulb for each lamp I wanted to make. 

The old lightbulbs were pretty loud and I had a hard time controlling the brightness. 

My new love-light lamp had no problems lighting up. 

I decided to build it from the ground up to make it easy to make more love lamps. 

 The new lamp has an LED light that turns on when you hold it.

 I also wanted to have a large enough area to light the room up from a distance. 

When I was building the lamp, I was looking for a light that could be turned on at night. 

It’s kind of a crazy idea to have one light bulb lit on a wall in your living room. 

Instead, I used a combination of LEDs and other materials to make something that is beautiful, bright, and easy to control.

How to build your own love lamp, step by step: First, assemble the lamp.

To start, you’ll need to buy an old lamp from a thrift shop.

There are different types of old lamps, but I found the lightbulbanes from a store near my home were the best.

If you have a home decor store, they have similar products.

Cut a piece of cardboard out about the size of a football field and wrap it around the lamp and set it up.

The lamp should sit on top of the cardboard.

Place the cardboard on a flat surface.

This will help the lamp stand up and keep it from sliding when you tilt it.

If you have more space in your home, make a little more space with a light table.

Use a flat-surface, sturdy piece of wood or metal to support the lamp with a sturdy rod.

Make sure to cover the lamp head with a sheet of electrical tape.

Lay the lamp on the table and attach the base plate.

You’ll want to attach the lamp base plate to the lamp in a way that will hold it securely.

Then, connect the lamp to the electrical power cord.

With the baseplate on the lamp face, hook the lamp up to the power cord and hook the other end of the cord into the base.

Plug in the power and turn on the light.

It should turn on when it is illuminated.

I did not make this lamp to have my kids play with.

That’s a whole different project for a different blog. 

Once you’ve connected the lamp power cord to the cord, attach the back plate to your lamp head.

Attach the backplate to the back of the lamp so you can turn it on and off at will.

Turn the lamp off at the end of its life.

When you want to stop the lamp from turning on, simply turn the lamp back on. 

(This was easy, I just used the backlight to turn it off and it works perfectly.) 

If you’re building your own, you can attach a battery pack to the base of the base to provide power when the lamp is off.

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