The Cheap Friendswood in Victoria’s east is one of the cheapest places in the country to live in, and that’s because it’s only $1.19 per day for a two-hour bus ride from Perth, and $2.50 per day to the nearest town.

“It’s got everything,” says Liz, a mother of three.

“We’ve got a gym, a small cafe, a big TV, a car wash and everything we need.”

It’s a savings of around $3 a day, and Liz can afford to buy a bit of breakfast, coffee and a couple of snacks to keep herself going for the next few weeks.

“I can afford that,” she says.

“So, I’ve got my laptop and my phone.

I can get to work, so I’m actually going to be able to do a bit more work, which is good.”

The cheapest way to save time and money in Australia?

Free wi-fi at cheap friendship village The cheapest Wi-Fi in Australia is free.

You can get a basic, four-day trial, or you can upgrade to a full-fledged trial that costs $25.

“When I went to buy the laptop, I had to pay about $150 for it,” says Mark, a business consultant.

“But the wi-Fi is free for those who are not already in the Wi-fi network.”

It is also cheaper to use, and the cheaper it is to pay for, the better it is for your family.

“That’s the biggest thing, is that it’s free for everyone,” says Ben, a computer repairman.

“You can do a lot of things online and be online all day long.”

When it comes to buying food, Liz’s family doesn’t mind paying $4 a day for their meals at the local market, and they don’t mind buying groceries.

“They’re not hungry, they’re just in the mood to get on with their lives,” she adds.

“For a while now, I haven’t been hungry, but they’re all over the place now, so we’ve all been able to afford it.”

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