A pet with depression may need to be put down, a new study has revealed.

The study has found that dogs with depression have a better chance of surviving when they are treated with psychotropic medication.

The study, which involved nearly 3,000 dogs in India, was conducted by researchers at the Indian Veterinary College (IVC) and the Dog Research Institute of India (DRII) and published in the Indian journal Veterinary Research.

The findings of the study suggest that depressed dogs are more likely to survive when treated with medications like amitriptyline, which is commonly prescribed to treat anxiety.

It is thought that antidepressants like amotriptylate, or Ativan, are used to treat depression because they are more effective than medications like lithium, which are also commonly used for depression.

The DRII’s Dr S.S. Rajagopal and the IVC’s Dr Manik Bajaj said the study showed that the depression-resistant dogs were more likely than the other dogs to survive and thrive with therapy.

“They (dogs) had less chance of death.

In fact, it was more like 75 percent of the dogs were able to survive after treatment,” said Rajagomal, an assistant professor of veterinary medicine at the IVCs.

According to the study, dogs with depressed personalities are less likely to be adopted than the dogs with normal personalities.

“These dogs are in a very vulnerable position.

They have no option but to live with the depression and suffering,” said Bajagaj.

He said that the study suggests that “psychotropic medication could be used to help these dogs survive”.

Dr Bajah said that it is important that people with depression get the right treatment.

“There is no drug for depression,” he said.

“We need to find a solution to the depression that they are facing.”

The researchers added that antidepressants can help treat depression and anxiety disorders.

“Depression is a complex disorder that can lead to many different symptoms.

Treatment is crucial,” they said.

In India, only around 20 percent of those suffering from depression are prescribed antidepressants, compared to 60 percent of people with normal depression.

“This is one of the reasons why so many people have been struggling with depression.

Even with drugs, depression is not cured,” said Dr Rajagomi.

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