Friend-to-friend events are a great way to keep in touch with friends you haven’t met yet.

The idea behind a friend-to, a date-to or a party-to is that they give you a chance to get to know your best friend.

Here’s how to plan a great friend-day.

How do I invite my friend to a friend’s party?

When inviting your friend to your friend’s birthday party, try to give them a heads-up beforehand.

If they haven’t yet met, invite them to your party first.

Then you can talk about how you’ll meet them and share what you’re planning.

This way, you won’t have to waste your time and your friend-time.

If you’re invited to a party, tell your friend that you’re not invited and that they should look it up on Facebook or email you to find out if it’s happening.

Then invite your friend, and keep it simple.

When you invite your friends to your birthday party for the first time, make sure you also include a date.

If your friend doesn’t have a birthday, give them the date and ask them to send you a reminder of their birthday.

If the birthday is in the next week, invite your partner to your friends birthday party and talk about the date.

For the second time, you can add a date if your friend has a birthday in the coming weeks or months.

If it’s the third time you’re inviting them to a birthday party in the near future, keep it a friend day.

If both of your friends have birthday parties in the future, give your friend the date to the party, and ask him or her to send an email with a reminder that it’s coming up in the weeks or even months ahead.

When your friend is invited to your next friend’s, be sure to include a message saying how you’re excited about the birthday and how your friend can be there.

When doing your own birthday party this way, remember to include pictures of yourself and a friend, as well as the date, time and place.

Your friend should know what to expect and that you won�t waste his or her time.

Can I invite other people to my birthday party?

You can invite a friend to their birthday party as well.

But, you’ll want to make sure your friend gets the most out of it.

It’s best to be friendly with your friend so you can learn what they like about your friends, and you don’t want to overwhelm them with invitations.

This means making sure your friends don’t have any expectations for what the party will look like.

They can see how you spend your time at home, how much time you spend with friends and family, and how you have fun.

You can also let your friend know if they’re invited.

If not, you might have to decide if the invitation is worth it.

Your best friend will be more excited about your birthday and more likely to spend more time with you.

If all else fails, you could let your friends know that they’re also invited to other friends birthday parties.

They’ll want more out of your birthday celebration, and they won�ll be more likely keep the party going.

What should I do when my friend and I don’t know each other?

If you don�t know each others birthday, it might be a good idea to do something like: Go out with them to dinner, or even a barbeque.

Go to the movies.

Talk to them and hang out.

Talk about how they’re doing and what they’re learning.

If there’s no one else around, or the date is after 2:00 p.m. or after 3:00 a.m., you can go out with your best friends.

This will give you time to connect and chat about life, and will help you find each other.

What if I am invited to my friend�s birthday party but don�T know her birthday?

In this case, you should make sure that your friend knows how to say no, but also make sure to explain why.

Tell them the name of the person who invited them to the birthday party.

Explain that you will not be able to attend the party because you�re a stranger, and tell them that you are not attending because of work or family commitments.

Ask them to tell their friends that you�ll miss the party if you don´t attend.

Tell your friend what you are expecting from the party.

You don�’t want your friend getting too worked up about the event.

If, however, you�ve been invited to the event, and the person invites you, you want to tell them so that they know that you aren�t planning to attend.

You may want to say, �We just want to enjoy ourselves and you will be happy to have me join you.

I love your party and we will be glad to come back if you need a little more space.� Tell your friends what the date of the party is