I was in Indianapolis, and I couldn’t help but think about what a great day this was for our beloved Indiana Pacers.

I remember being a kid watching my beloved team play on TV, the Indiana Fever, as a kid, and thinking that this was the greatest basketball team ever.

I had been waiting for a day like this for a long time, and today was it.

The Pacers had finally won a title in my lifetime, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how it would feel to see my favorite players from my childhood and their great teams return to the big leagues. 

It wasn’t long before I realized that I didn’t actually care for any of these players, and that was the saddest thing of all. 

As a lifelong Pacers fan, I was a little surprised to find out that some of these guys were actually great players in the first place.

So, as I started to get into my research and my research came up with some great pieces, I decided to share this with the Pacers fans.

So here is what I wanted to share with the fans.

It’s not like I’m giving away any specific information here, just a summary of what I think is the best stories of this franchise and its players.

So if you have any other stories that you want to share, just let me know in the comments section below.1. 

 Kris Humphries Kirk Hinrich 1.

          What if Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were still together?

Kirk Humphries is the former Warriors’ player who was traded to the Thunder in the Kevin Durant trade.

It’s been quite some time since Humphries played for the Thunder, but the guy is still on a good streak with the franchise.

Humphries led the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals in 2016 and led them to the NBA Finals in 2017.

The Thunder’s offense was always pretty much based on Durant and Westbrook, so Humphries has been a great addition to the team, but his time with Oklahoma City has also been short.

Humphry averaged 13.8 points and 3.6 rebounds per game in the Thunder’s playoff run.

Humphs career stats include averages of 16.8 and 7.3 points per game.

Humphris is averaging a career-high in points per 36 minutes.

Humphrys play is the reason that Russell Westbrook was traded in 2018, but it seems that Humphries will be in OKC for quite some while.


         Who is Kevin Love? 

Kevin Love is the son of Magic Johnson and the former Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Kevin Love has a lot of respect for Magic and has said that he will always be the first pick of the draft, even though he was traded away in a trade that sent Kobe Bryant to the Lakers. 

Kevin is a great example of why this trade should never have happened.

In 2016, Love averaged 20.3 rebounds per 36-minute game and 6.5 assists per 36 minute game.

His scoring average jumped from 21.4 to 28.7 points per contest, while his 3-point shooting improved from 28.5 to 37.1%. 

Love has played in the league since the early 2000s, but has never played more than 22 games.

He has averaged 22.8 rebounds per contest in his career, while averaging 9.3 assists per contest. 

He has never been in the top 25 in scoring for a point guard, but he has shown that he can play at a high level when he is on the floor. 

Love is currently averaging 24.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 0.9 steals per game on a career high of 20.6 points per-40 minutes. 


     Who was Reggie Williams? 

It’s difficult to figure out who Reggie Williams was before he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2002.

He was just a kid from Indiana. 

The kid from the Indianapolis area had the opportunity to play for one of the greatest teams ever.

He had an incredible rookie season that ended with him being selected second overall in the NBA Draft. 

Williams averaged 19.5 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game as a rookie, but as the NBA season wore on, he fell off.

Williams averaged 8.4 points per 100 possessions in his rookie season, but was never able to keep up with his incredible scoring ability. 

In 2008, Williams became the youngest player to ever be named to the All-NBA First Team.

He won the Sixth Man Award, and was named to a number of other All-Star teams as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Williams became a member for the first time when the Chicago Hawks made the playoffs that year. 

After being traded to Cleveland in the LeBron James trade, Williams was selected with the 16th overall pick in the 2009 NBA