Friends are one of the most basic forms of social interaction.

People interact with friends on a daily basis.

And while some friends may seem like family, they are in fact a collection of individuals, with each individual’s unique personality.

These personalities can sometimes come across as too much for the average person to handle.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our newest Lego Friends.

In this special LEGO Friends series, we’re bringing you a collection featuring the most adorable Lego Friends of the year.

Let’s get to it!

LEGO Friends #1 LEGO Friends are not your average friends.

They are all different.

Each Lego Friends comes with a personality that you can use to communicate with them, which is why we created this LEGO Friends section.

This section is designed to help you keep track of which Lego Friends you have with you.

Each LEGO Friends has a unique personality, and they can sometimes seem like a bunch of people in the same room.

We’re hoping you’ll like the way we’ve managed to put together these Lego Friends, and we hope you’ll share this article with your friends.

So here are the LEGO Friends you’ll love: -Bruno from Lego Friends: A young boy from the city of Togusa.

He’s the most charming, happy and outgoing of the Lego Friends and is very playful and creative.

He loves his Lego toys and has an awesome imagination.

-Karen from Lego Family: Karen is the coolest Lego family.

Her Lego friends are so adorable and fun, and she makes her friends laugh and smile with her jokes and pranks.

-Bella from Lego Minifigures: Bella is the adorable little doll that is the star of the LEGO Family.

She loves to help her Lego friends with their crafts, and is always happy to share her expertise.

-Catherine from Lego World: Catherine is the most popular Lego World Lego Friend.

She’s always up for anything and is the best at helping her Lego Friends out.

-Lea from Lego City: Leah is the leader of the Minifigure Mafia, the most feared gang of Lego Minigures.

She has the best smile on her face, and a knack for drawing.

-Alex from Lego Villages: Alex is a friendly and charming Lego Villager who likes to give advice and make Lego friends.

He also likes to build LEGO buildings.

-Amanda from Lego Movie: Amanda is a cute Lego Movie Minifigger who loves to draw and is known for her love of Lego movies.

-Shane from Lego Town: Shane is a tough and tough Lego Town Minifiggler who loves building things and is good at keeping track of his Lego friends and their projects.

-Emily from Lego Village: Emily is the newest LEGO Village Minifuges favorite.

She makes her Lego Village friends happy with her antics and creativity.

-Matt from Lego Neighborhood: Matt is the biggest Lego Town minifigure, and his friends will love him.

He is also a good cook, and loves to make tasty homemade sandwiches and salads.

-Mitch from Lego House: Mitch is the Lego House Minifageman who is always looking for new and creative Lego friends to help him build Lego Houses.

-Haley from Lego Beach: Haley is a fun-loving Lego Beach Minifog.

She is always the one to lend a hand in building the Beach Houses, and enjoys being the main Lego Beach Minion.

-Lilly from Lego Disney Town: Lilly is the oldest Lego Disney Minifige and has always been looking forward to the new summer season.

She also has a great sense of humor and is a great swimmer.

-Anna from Lego Party Town: Anna is a very active Lego Party Minifigen, and her friends love her for it.

-Julie from Lego Mansion: Julie is a little girl who loves playing with her Lego toys.

She even loves to build her own LEGO Houses.

And of course, she has an amazing imagination!

-Mia from Lego Toy Town: Mia is a Lego Toy Minifagger who likes building things for her friends and making Lego friends out of them.

She likes to take her friends on fun adventures, like riding on her LEGO Train or playing with them on the Beach.

-Sara from Lego Jungle: Sara is a loyal Lego Jungle Minifiger who likes playing with the LEGO toys.

Her friends love that she’s so helpful, and Sara even has a very cute and adorable face.

-Sarah from Lego Fantasy Town: Sarah is a popular Lego Fantasy Miniferyl who is the heart of her Lego Fantasy Friends.

Her favorite LEGO Fantasy friends are Princess Bubblegum and Fluttershy.

-Kristen from Lego Tower: Kristen is a super cute Lego Tower Minififer.

She enjoys building her own Lego Towers.

-Nicole from Lego Kingdom: Nicole is a pretty and super cute LEGO Kingdom Minifigi who likes making

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