Friends and family of the man who died after he was shot in the head by police say the holiday they celebrated this week could soon be over.

According to reports, the family of Christopher Gorman, 27, are concerned the new rules and restrictions on social media and mobile phones are putting their lives at risk.

Christopher Gorman was shot and killed by police after he attempted to rob a jewellery shop in Stroud, West Yorkshire, on July 1.

He died on the way to the hospital.

His family say the new restrictions are putting the lives of those who celebrate the holiday in danger.

Police have previously announced they are considering banning people from celebrating the holiday under new rules.

There have been concerns that a blanket ban could see police officers stop all celebrations.

Last month, a police officer was filmed kicking a man while he was on a mobile phone, and a woman was filmed being thrown into a car and assaulted.

More recently, a 17-year-old girl was filmed assaulting a man after a friend’s birthday party.

In July, a 20-year old woman was stabbed in a “shocking” attack while a man was filming a video with his smartphone.

On Saturday, a teenager from the US was killed by a group of teenagers when he was hit by a car in Bradford.

Earlier in the week, the father of one of Christopher’s victims said he would be “shocked” if he were to celebrate with his son’s family.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said she would be looking at the impact on the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as the police, local authorities and the wider community.

“The rules are being brought in to give the police more control over who can use the internet, who can share their views and who can participate in our communities,” she said.

May has previously said that police were “fully capable” of keeping people safe during the Christmas holiday.

She said: “They are fully capable of making sure that they are fully equipped to make sure that the safety of the public is not at risk and not at all.”

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