When you buy an online romance tea from a China tea house, you are buying a tea that has been grown there, but you may not be getting married. 

There are a number of issues you need to know if you are planning to get married or to get divorced in China.

You should know about the marriage tea: Where can I buy it?

How do I get it? 

When do I need it?

The marriage tea is an essential item for those planning to marry or to marry and divorce in China, especially for those who do not have Chinese language skills. 

Where do I buy a marriage tea? 

There is no particular time limit to purchase a tea, but it is a good idea to buy at least 3 weeks before the wedding date, which is usually the day of the wedding.

You can buy a tea online at many places, including Korea’s Korean Tea House and Tasting Garden. 

You can also buy the tea from your local tea store or online at the tea shops of Chinese cities such as Chengdu and Shanghai. 

What do I do if I have questions about a marriage?

You need to be prepared to answer questions about your future relationship in China by speaking to a Chinese partner before the tea ceremony.

You may also ask the couple to sign a marriage agreement to confirm your agreement before you are officially married.

A marriage agreement will give you more rights and protections if you do get married.

What if I need to ask questions about my future relationship? 

If you are going to ask a couple to marry you, it is important that you do not be rude or disrespectful.

If you feel uncomfortable asking a couple questions, ask to speak to the other person first. 

Do I need a wedding cake?

There are no special requirements for wedding cakes in China if you want to get a cake made by a traditional tea house.

However, the cake will be more expensive if you make it yourself.

You might also be able to buy cakes from a local cake shop. 

Can I get married without a wedding? 

You cannot get married unless you get a marriage certificate from a marriage registration office in the province you are intending to marry in.

You also need to get the bride and groom’s permission to get in touch with each other in person.

The wedding ceremony will be carried out at a special tea house in the capital city, Beijing. 

Is it a requirement for me to be able call the couple at the wedding?

A marriage certificate is required to get people to come and marry you.

It is not a requirement that you must be married to each other. 

How do we find out who is going to marry us? 

The marriage certificate will give the couple details of their wedding ceremony, such as the names of the bride, groom and the ceremony location.

It will also give you information about the people who will be attending the ceremony and the time and place of the ceremony. 

Who can I contact if I do not know the couple’s names? 

It is important to find out the names and addresses of the people you are meeting and the wedding dates.

It also helps you to ask the person you are talking to for their name. 

When will the ceremony take place? 

On the day you are getting married, you will get the ceremony certificate and will be taken to a tea house where you will be given tea and a cake. 

Why are we getting married? 

To get married, the couple must get married together in the same ceremony.

If the person does not want to be married, they can say they do not want their names revealed. 

Will the couple get divorced if I am not their guardian? 

Yes, the person must get permission from the couple or their guardian to divorce, which may be in the form of a divorce decree. 

Are there any rules about the way you are married?

In China, you may get married as a married couple and divorced as a single person, even if you have a different relationship than the other party. 

If I am married and the other is not, will the person get divorced? 

In China and most countries in the world, it’s not possible for people to get legally married and divorce.

People can be legally married, divorced and widowed in China at any time, and they can get married again if they want to. 

Does a marriage make you eligible to get another visa? 

Although you are not considered to be eligible for a visa to come to Australia if you marry and then get divorced, you do still qualify for another visa if you get divorced.

You are not required to apply for another visas. 

Should I have a marriage cake? 

Many Chinese people say they love a tea party, so they buy a cake at the marriage ceremony.

However in the future, some tea parties will only allow tea parties

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