The love story of Bollywood actress M.A.B. Rana is the story of a tragic love.

In her autobiography, A Beautiful Girl Was Saved from a Very Bad Situation, M.I.B., her character, wrote that her relationship with her boyfriend was “a mess.”

The relationship was complicated because she had been dating another man for a while.

They were married and lived in different parts of the city.

One day she met a young boy who was “totally charming” and “a bit too much of a tease” for her.

“But I was also totally attracted to him,” M.M. said.

“We had a very complicated relationship.

I was constantly jealous of him.

He was always thinking about me.

I could not stop thinking about him.”

The two broke up soon after.

A year later, M., who had been working as a maid, was sent to work as a concierge for a major company.

Her first day there, she noticed a boy in the lobby wearing a tuxedo and asking for directions.

“He came up to me and asked me to call him Mr. Boyfriend,” she said.

She was shocked and confused, but she decided to keep her distance.

When she returned to her room, she discovered that the man had died.

She immediately went to his room, and was stunned to find him there.

“I didn’t want to go to him, so I stayed in my room, feeling sad and alone,” she told the Times of India.

M.R. told her boyfriend’s family.

The family was “stunned,” M.-A.R., who was 21 at the time, told the newspaper.

“They were shocked and shocked,” she added.

“When I got home, they said that I had gone to the man’s room.

The whole family was shocked.”

The couple, who was together for about four months, eventually married.

Afterward, M.-M.

took a year off from her studies to visit her father, who worked as a public school teacher.

“She thought that it was a very sad time, but it was also a very happy time,” her father told the paper.

“It was her chance to reconnect with her father.”

M.-B.R.’s story was the inspiration for the friendship bracelet she designed, which features a smiley face and a starburst of her own face, her father said.

The bracelet is the work of M.B.’s father, Mandy K. Ranas, a teacher and mother of two children, who is also a professional artist.

She began the project to remember her late father, whose passing was a year ago.

“This bracelet has been designed to commemorate his memory and to remember him as the happiest man I ever met,” Mandy told the Hindustan Times newspaper.

She told the publication that the bracelets were inspired by her father’s desire to create a memory of his father that was “very personal.”

“I wanted to create something that I could share with others and that would be of a symbolic nature,” she explained.

Mandy said she wanted to use the bracelet as a tribute to her father.

“If you want to know about the man who was a great man, then you should know him,” she says in the book.

“And if you want him to know you, then remember him.”

Mandy was a professional musician when she started the project, which has attracted a huge amount of attention, the Times said.

Her project was supported by a number of companies including Bollywood Pictures, which released the bracelet in March and has also provided funds for a fund set up to support artists like Mandy.

She is planning to release more bracelets and also hopes to raise money for a school for girls in her area.

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