In the coming months, you may be asked to make your very own friendship bracelet.

The idea is to put the bracelet on a child in your classroom, and then you can share it with your friends, according to a new book by teachers at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus.

You may want to make it a personalized bracelet, like an educational gift.

But your children can also give it to you.

The book, “Making Friends in the Classroom: A New Approach to Teaching,” is based on a TEDx talk by Mary Beth Stover, a Michigan State University psychology professor.

It is the first book of its kind by an academic to be published in a public space, according the publisher.

You may have to make the bracelet yourself, but it’s not as daunting as you might think, Stover said.

The problem is that the material in the book is very abstract, and that’s where the real challenge lies, she said.

You have to figure out what you want your children to do with it.

You can’t just give them a bracelet.

The first thing you have to do is make sure that it’s appropriate.

The bracelet has to have a good feeling about you, Stortson said.

If your children like to wear it, it can be something they use as a gift, but they have to find out what the bracelet is for.

If they have a lot of interest in something, it has to be something that they will actually use.

Stortsons book will teach you how to make and use a bracelet, including materials for making it.

It also includes how to create a bracelet for your own children.

You have to understand how your child will respond to the bracelet, she suggested.

It can be as simple as telling them you love them and giving them a kiss.

Or it can include a series of questions to figure that out, she added.

The best thing about making the bracelet in the classroom is that your children are more likely to share it, Stobson said.

You don’t have to have children with you in the room, Stokstoffer said, and she suggests that your students sit together if possible.

If you have a large group of students, it’s probably a good idea to use a computer screen, she noted.

If you have students who are interested in making their own friendship bracelets, you can try to work with them to come up with a few ideas, Stoker said.

But if you have kids that are very shy or that are not comfortable in a group setting, you might want to limit the bracelet to a couple of friends.

The best time for this is before school starts, she explained.

This is a great way to start teaching the bracelet for yourself and your children, she advised.

It’s also a great time to work on creating your own bracelet with your kids.

“The bracelet is so simple and so fun, and I love making it,” she said, adding that she hopes to make more booklets in the future.

Stout, who is now an assistant professor of psychology at the school, said that while it’s been a great experience teaching her class, she’s excited about the future of the book.

She hopes to add more material in coming months.

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