Friends say that the Valentine cards and cards that show love to friends are not “just another day at the office.”

In an interview with the New York Post, Amy, who declined to give her last name, said she has sent hundreds of the cards and that they have become the subject of online conversation and ridicule.

“I’ve been called a whore, a whore for not giving [the Valentine] cards to my girlfriends, a prostitute, a slag, a liar,” Amy said.

“But the truth is, it’s a joke.

It’s not a joke, really.

It has become a joke because it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift.

And it’s hard not to.””

People ask me why I do it, because I feel like it’s something that I should do.

And it’s hard not to.”

Amy and her boyfriend, Chris, have been dating for more than three years.

She said that they often get messages on their phones about her love letters, which she does not send out.

“They send them, like, ‘Oh my God, you guys are so nice,’ ” Amy said of the messages.

“And then I see ‘Do you want to see these?’

And it is literally a pile of love letters.”

The New York Times reported last year that the letters are seen as a way to signal to loved ones that the relationship is serious.

According to the Post, one of the more popular Valentine’s cards shows the love letters with a small heart and an arrow pointing down the middle.

But some people say the cards are not so innocent.

Some people say they think it’s sexist for women to send love letters and others say it’s an insult to women.

Amy and Chris have said they did not send the cards to their girlfriends, which is common for many people who do not want to make a connection with someone.

One person wrote on Facebook: “We’ve seen people on the internet get mad at me for making the card.

And I’m not trying to insult anybody, but I think the card is sexist.

Another person posted a message to Twitter: “I have a friend who writes love letters to her friends, but the love card is a complete joke.””

She added that it is difficult for people to understand the message in a Valentine’s card.””

It is not something I feel comfortable with.”

She added that it is difficult for people to understand the message in a Valentine’s card.

“I would love to get the cards back and send them back to people,” Amy wrote.

“When you read the card, you think, ‘She’s a nice person, right?’

Amy said she is a single woman who has lived in Seattle for four years.

She said that she has had to reevaluate how she interacts with people, particularly women.”

The more I interact with women, the more they will say to me, ‘You’re a terrible person for giving these love letters,'” Amy said, adding that it makes her feel bad.

In response to a question from The Washington Times about how to deal with the messages that she receives, Amy wrote, “If you’re single and have been married for at least three years, you have an obligation to be kind to women.”

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