Alyssalena Milano & Kate Upton have teamed up for a new tour of the UK, as well as the first UK Tour of Love, as part of Alyssam’s UK Tour.

The new tour is being billed as “The World’s First Tour of Happiness.”

The tour is a collaboration between the actress, the British singer-songwriter, and Alyssah Milano.

In an exclusive interview with, Alyssyana shared the details of the tour.

“We have the pleasure of collaborating with Alyssayna and Kate on this new tour,” she said.

“This is truly a celebration of the power of love and friendship and the importance of being able to create your own path, to create a world of your own.

We are honored to be collaborating with these incredible artists, and are thrilled to welcome them to the stage of the Royal Festival Hall and the world of our beautiful country.

I cannot wait to be a part of their show and share with you the magic of the art of love.

The world is beautiful, so it is up to us to create it, and we will be showing you exactly how it is done.”

The stars of A World of My Own tour will be performing the show on their own in the UK from March 4-8, as a part-time tour.

In the meantime, Kate and Ayo are still going strong in their own way, enjoying a break from the tour with a little time off for their families.

In fact, they are currently back in the studio working on a new song together.

“I have been trying to get some time off,” Kate said.

She added: “It’s been a crazy couple of months, and I am so thankful for everything that has happened.

It’s really, really special to be able to share with the people of England with a show like this, and to share our love with them, and then be able share it with the world.

I can’t wait to see the world.”