Friends House, a new Lego house built by Legos of New York, was featured in a promotional video for the Lego Friends movie and TV show.

In the video, the house is decorated with Legos and characters from the Lego movie.

The house was also featured in an article published by the Los Angeles Times, which stated that Friends House was an homage to the movie Friends.

Legos are one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous pieces of home decor.

Lego’s popularity has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Legoland is the largest and most popular amusement park in the U.S., and is the home to the popular Star Wars theme park.

Legolas are one the most popular characters in the Lego universe.

The first Star Wars film was released in 1977, and the second film in the series was released five years later in 1983.

Legola’s popularity grew exponentially in the past few years as the popularity of the show and movies grew, and it was also used to promote the new movie, which has been in production for more than a decade.

Friends House and Legos, or, Friends, as it is often referred to in the film, are both very similar in design.

Friends Houses are built out of LEGO bricks, and Friends characters are designed in a very similar way to Legos.

In fact, Friends Houses have a very familiar shape, with a large, rectangular base, and a large number of LEGO characters.

The LEGO Friends House also featured prominently in a Lego Friends TV show advertisement for the movie.

In addition, the Friends House featured prominently on a website created by the Legoland Entertainment Company, where fans could download an app that allowed them to make their own Lego Friends House.

Legomakes are an important part of the Legos experience.

When you purchase a set of Legos you get a personalized set of parts that are unique to the set.

For example, Lego Friends house includes three sets of lights, and each set comes with its own set of lights and a different set of doors.

Each set includes a different color of Lego bricks, each with different materials, and one set comes as a complete set.

The Friends House comes complete with a special LEGO toy called the “Lego Friends” toy, which is a LEGO version of a typical Lego toy.

The Lego Friends Movie and Friends House feature an extended conversation between Legomakers, which features Legomake characters, and other Lego characters.

Legoms are the only type of Lego in the world that are not made out of plastic.

Legomas are also very durable and have a great finish.

The Legomasters also have some very memorable moments, including one that featured a Lego family in a pool with a bucket of water.

This is the first movie that Legomasons have ever been in a house in, so it has inspired a lot of Legomaker reactions.

Legoma’s are a favorite type of house.

Legomers are a type of Legoma that are built on a wood frame.

Legomer houses are often decorated with an attractive color palette and a very interesting and unique feel.

They have a wide range of features that allow for a wide variety of furniture and other decorative items.

The most famous Legomaster is Legoma, who is a famous character from the animated film The Lego Movie.

The characters have a number of other interesting quirks, including a Lego house that can be built to fit the shape of a person.

Legomy houses have also been used in a number different movies, including The LEGO Movie 2, Lego Movie 3, and Lego Movie 4.

The movies Legomas are a popular attraction in many countries around the world.

The movie The Lego Batman Movie, based on the Lego Batman TV series, was released worldwide in 2012.

It was a box office success, grossing over $7 billion worldwide.

The next film in Lego Movie trilogy is Lego Batman: The Movie, which will release worldwide in 2019.

Lego Friends, which was created by Lego in 2016, was the second Lego movie to be released worldwide.

It has grossed more than $250 million in its opening weekend.