The easiest way to find friends in your church?

Put on a cute bracelet.

The new Jesus Friendly, the first of its kind to be launched by the Anglican Communion, has been designed to help churchgoers connect and find their way.

The bracelet, which is made from recycled material and is now available to buy on its website, is available in white and gold, with a white background and the words “love your neighbour as yourself”.

The design features Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and a simple icon of the crucifixion.

There is no cost to the bracelet and is designed to be easily worn.

The Bible Society, which organises the bracelet, said it was designed to encourage Christians to be more open to their peers and to offer “a reminder that our neighbours, friends and family members are also our brothers and sisters in Christ”.

The bracelet is available on its site, where it is priced at $5.99 (£3.80) and can be bought in white, black or blue.

It was created by the Jesus Friendly group and is the brainchild of Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby, who said the bracelet would encourage a “spiritual journey for the believer”.

“Jesus was a friend of mine, and it’s not just because he is our Lord,” he said.

“Jesus also taught me how to be humble and compassionate.

This bracelet is a reminder of that.”

It’s a wonderful way to give the gift of kindness to others, to give them a feeling of belonging and a sense of belonging with their fellow human beings.

“He added that the bracelet could help churchgoers “be more open, to be able to be a friend and to connect more with their neighbours and friends, to share their stories and to make friends with the whole of the church.

“The bracelet was developed in partnership with Christiana International.

“We were really delighted to be asked to design and manufacture the bracelet in our company. “

This bracelet is designed and crafted in the United Kingdom,” said Christiana spokesman, Andrew White.

“We were really delighted to be asked to design and manufacture the bracelet in our company.

We are very pleased to be the first in the world to offer this type of spiritual gift.”‘

Friendly, but not friendly’The Bible Society has previously launched a series of bracelets that have been created with the aim of connecting people with different faiths.

The Christ Friendly bracelet, created for the Christiana church in Australia, is one of those.

A similar bracelet was created for St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome and is available to purchase online.

The Bible Belt is available online and at Christiana’s store.