Toxic friendship quiz: You’ve been friends for so long, and you have a few friends who are really toxic.

How would you handle them?

article You’ve made friends for a while, and it’s not really easy.

Is it really your fault?

What if they hate you for it?

You know you should take them off your team, but you can’t.

You don’t know how to deal with them.

What should you do?

You’re not the only one with toxic friends.

And it’s only gotten worse since you started dating.

Read on for the advice.

[Read: How to Avoid Toxic Friendships] 1.

Be a good teammate Toxic friendships are hard to escape.

When you start dating, you can usually find the right friends.

But as you start hanging out more, the toxic friendships tend to form more slowly.

Some people will take the time to talk to each other, or to invite you to parties, or get to know you better.

You’ll have to get over your initial shock.


Don’t make assumptions Toxic friendships can’t always be avoided.

Some toxic friends will just take their sweet time to get to you, and they may not even be aware that you’re feeling it.

Or maybe you’ll be on the other side of the fence, and the toxic friendship will suddenly become the one you’re supposed to be friends with.

You can’t just assume the toxic friend is your friend.

You’ve got to figure out why they’re on your team.


Don, don’t trust your friends’ opinions There are some toxic friends who will tell you things they don’t like about you, or they’ll say things they find offensive, or will tell things that make you uncomfortable.

When these toxic friends have a negative opinion, they’ll tend to be the ones who are actually hurting you.

This means you’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure you’re not being used.


Don the toxic sweater You may have noticed that you’ve always been wearing the toxic wool sweater.

You may even wear it every day.

This is a common tactic to avoid toxic friends, and to make your toxic friendships easier to manage.

But don’t get the wrong idea.

There are lots of ways to avoid these toxic friendships.

It’s not just wearing the sweater, either.

You should avoid certain things that are not always easy to identify.

You might be feeling like you need to be a little more social, but the toxic person isn’t interested in that.

You could also try asking yourself if you’re truly in a toxic relationship.

If you feel you are, you might want to talk about it with your toxic friend.

If they don.

If it’s important to you.

You know it’s a bad idea to be in a relationship with a toxic person, and that you need help in making the best decisions for you.


Take time to learn how to tell the difference between toxic and toxic friends If you’re in a bad relationship and your toxic friends make fun of you, it might be worth it to spend a few days figuring out what to say.

But you may find that it’s hard to tell who’s who when it’s all just a blur.

In order to figure it out, try talking to someone who knows more about toxic friendship.

If there’s someone you feel comfortable talking to, try calling your toxic buddy or the toxic office, too.

You never know who might be listening.

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