It’s a story that resonates with many parents, with the loss of a parent, but not all. 

It’s a bittersweet tale, and we are still grieving.

The ABC’s The Good Stuff recently spoke to parents who were devastated when their child lost a parent. 

The loss of parents was an especially difficult thing to deal with, and it left a deep and lasting impact. 

“The loss was the hardest thing for me,” says mother-of-two Julie Smith. 

In a world where everyone has to be careful to make a good first impression, it’s often difficult to see the best in a new person. 

When a parent loses a child, it feels like an unforgivable betrayal.

Julie and Julie Smith both have children and have been grieving for more than a decade. 

Julie was pregnant when her husband lost his father in 2003, leaving the couple with three children and their own home.

“I just thought, ‘What am I doing?'” she says.

“We were pretty fortunate that our firstborn was born, and the other children we had were all born in hospital, so I thought the whole thing was a bit more of a blessing.”

Julie Smith was devastated by the loss when she lost her firstborn child, and was left with a three-year-old child in hospital with a congenital heart condition to cope with.

A lot of families find it hard to accept that they are not as lucky as they think. “

I’m lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to have the life that I have and the family that I do.”

A lot of families find it hard to accept that they are not as lucky as they think.

Juliettes children were born at home and had to stay at home to care for them.

She says her children were raised in a very loving environment, but it was not an easy adjustment for them to come home and find out that they didn’t have a father.

“[My children] came home crying and crying, they were upset and they were scared and they weren’t allowed to come into the house, and they would just be crying.”

In the aftermath of her loss, Julie decided that she would never go back to being a mother, and would instead focus on teaching her children about the importance of friendship.

“The biggest thing for a parent is to be able to help your children understand that you love them and want them to be happy, and I think that I taught them that in a way, by teaching them to have a good relationship with each other,” Julie says. 

For many parents the loss is a real shock, and a hard thing to understand.

It can be hard for them, and sometimes they have to accept the loss as part of their child’s development. 

Some parents may struggle to understand why they lost a loved one, but the truth is that they have a great deal of empathy for the person they lost.

There are some ways that the loss can be eased, though.

For instance, if a parent doesn’t have children, they may find it easier to reconnect with them and give them a chance to reconnect.

The ABC spoke to more than 60 parents and loved ones across Australia who shared their stories of loss and loss of hope with the ABC.

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