I was raised by a Christian father and a Catholic mother.

My father was a great teacher and a fantastic cook.

My mother was a single mom who raised me and worked two jobs, and my father’s sister was a high school teacher.

I never really knew my religion and I was a little bit of a mystery to the rest of the family, and I never learned anything about my family or my religion.

I was the only child of a very religious family, which made it really difficult for me to learn about other religions.

I guess I never understood the importance of religious faith or spirituality in my upbringing.

I always wanted to be an astronaut, and that was one of my main passions.

I had always wanted a NASA career, and a big part of it was my desire to be in space.

But I never knew how to really pursue that.

I started out as a math major, and then I started taking classes at a Catholic high school.

I just loved being a Catholic and I always knew that I was going to be a Catholic.

I loved studying the Bible and the Bible was my favorite, so I started to study it in the class, but I never studied it very closely.

It was more like a study of the English language, and all the texts were very Catholic.

That was really, really frustrating.

I kept reading books about Christianity and the Catholic Church, but none of the books I wanted to read really touched me.

I wanted something more, something deeper.

I would just read about it on the internet and I would find other people who were really interested in it.

And that’s what inspired me.

But then I got interested in Buddhism.

And then I learned about Tibetan Buddhism, and it was like, wow, this is so interesting, and this is not just about religion.

That led me to Buddhism.

I didn’t have any religious beliefs, and in fact I thought it was really strange that I didn´t know any religion, and yet I could have such a deep and profound experience of Buddhism.

It just wasn´t there.

Buddhism is so rich and beautiful.

The teachings are so simple and direct and direct to your heart.

And the meditation is very easy.

And I thought, this must be it.

I have to study Buddhism.

Theres really something really profound about Buddhism that I have never experienced before, and you just can´t find anywhere else.

It feels like you are right in the center of the universe.

I love that, because I think it brings peace to people, and really, it´s really a place where you can really explore yourself.

I really want to be able to walk through the Buddhist temples and walk through their halls and sit on their seats, and listen to their beautiful stories.

And when I look at my children, I just want to go in and meet them and feel their connection with their parents and with their grandparents.

I feel like they are really connected to me, so that is what I would like to do with them.

That is why I am an atheist.

You can never get to heaven, and when you are in heaven, you can just be with the angels.

I think I would really like to be one of those angels.

You know, I love to be with God, and God loves to be around me, and if God wants to, I can meet him there, and we can share the same life.

I hope that someday I can have a conversation with him, because he would love to know about it.

The best part of all of this is that I don´t think my religion is really my primary religion.

When I was growing up, my dad was an evangelical Christian.

When my mom was growing out of it, she became an agnostic.

So I am really very grateful that my family is still intact, and they are still able to support me as I continue to grow as an adult.

I am just trying to learn more about all of these different religions.

As I have grown older, I have learned a lot about Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism, and now I am trying to understand them all.

When you study them, it is very, very hard.

I mean, I think all religions are just very complicated, and sometimes it is easier to study the one that is easier.

And if I could learn about all these religions in a day, I would be able do it for a year.

I definitely would.

I also love the fact that I love the idea that it is not an accident that I am one of the best at all of them.

When people come up to me and say, “You are an atheist,” it just feels like an insult.

It really doesn’t feel like a compliment, and its just very hard to be honest about it, and so I think being an atheist, you know, makes me feel good about myself.

And sometimes I feel

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