A new study by the Pew Research Center found that emoji are a lot of fun to use, but it also has some important caveats.

It found that the usage of emoji is not limited to everyday use, as the researchers found a strong correlation between emoji usage and content.

In other words, some of the most popular emoji, such as a dog and a cat, come from a subset of emoji users that are not always seen together.

Here are some of our favorites.

The good: The emoji are easy to use.

We know this because the study found that 80% of people who said they use emoji use them to make a point, such a as “I’m a human” or “I can feel it.”

And just like in real life, emoji can be used for both good and bad reasons.

The bad: Most emoji can look funny.

For example, a dog emoji, which is often used to show that you like dogs, can look really weird.

It can also look like you are making fun of your dog, which can lead to negative interactions.

The best: The best emoji are the ones that can have real meaning.

The study found 90% of emoji were meant to be funny.

But there are a few emoji that could be considered a little more serious: A cat emoji, for example, is meant to show affection.

It has a strong message of compassion, which helps to create a more positive message.

And the emoji that people find most offensive are the animals in cartoons, movies and TV shows, which could create negative perceptions about animals and their suffering.

The Ugly: The use of the emoji has a negative impact on people who are LGBT or transgender.

The researchers found that transgender people were more likely to use emoji that were offensive to people with disabilities, such the cat emoji and the dog emoji.

And while people use emoji to show respect and express love, they also use it to signal that they are trying to control others.

The problem: This is where the study ends, the researchers say.

While people use the emoji to signal affection and friendship, they are also creating negative stereotypes.

The research found that using the emoji could create a negative image of LGBT people.

This is because LGBT people are seen as less capable than other groups and their rights are often violated.

People who are transgender are often treated poorly in the media, with some even being cast as the “other” in the LGBT community.

And using the cat and dog emoji as a joke could be viewed as an attack on transgender people.

The positive: This emoji has some great uses, but some are more than just cute.

The Pew researchers found some of their favorite emoji that use humor to communicate good feelings and to encourage friendship, such an “awesome” emoji and a “lonely dog.”

Other favorites include the “lucky” dog emoji and “happily ever after” emoji, as well as a “happy dog” emoji that shows you are happy, but with a smile on your face.

The downside: The bad emoji can have negative effects on some people.

People may think they are “doing well” because of their emoji, but that can be a false sense of well-being.

And there are also a few negative consequences, the study says.

People can feel as though they are being judged for expressing a different gender, for being a woman, or for being transgender.

And it can be hard to find a good emoji without being used as a badge of honor, the Pew researchers write.

The ugly: The study shows that most people use them for the wrong reasons.

People use the cat as a sign of affection and to show love, but the researchers also found that people use it as a signal of control.

People think they want to control the rest of the world, but they can also be seen as a threat to others, as they can make others feel like they have power.

The negative: The negative stereotypes can be especially harmful for LGBT people, as this stereotype can make them feel uncomfortable.

And some emoji use can be seen to be harmful to children, as children can be drawn into the image of a cat that is “a naughty dog” to make them seem like a bad person.

It’s also difficult for people to recognize when someone is being hurt by their use of emoji.

But it can also make people feel vulnerable and unsafe.

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