I’ve been wanting to try out a new set for a while now and the last Lego Friends set I bought had an awesome logo in it but I was a little unsure what it meant so I went to the store and bought a set of these little guys.

They are really cute and they’re all in a nice collection, so I decided to try them out.

I love the Lego Friends logo but I wasn’t sure which one was better.

I’m not sure if the logo is the most recognisable Lego logo but there are a few that are really popular.

The Lego Friends name is popular among fans but they don’t have the name that other Lego characters do.

They do have the colour blue, which is pretty cool.

They also have the words ‘Love and Friendship’ but I’m pretty sure they’re a little too similar.

I love the design of the Lego friends but I really didn’t like the blue colour.

I also think the Lego brothers have a lot of cool ideas for their logo.

The logo doesn’t quite match with the rest of the set, but I still liked it.

I was really excited to get my hands on the Lego boys but I’ve found out that I can only get one set a month.

I’ve only bought one Lego Friends to date and I’m sure I’ll buy more Lego Friends if I can get my mind around the design.

The other two Lego friends are also in a very nice collection and I really like the design, too.

I hope I can find a set that fits my needs and that I won’t get bored of these cute little guys soon.

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