I don’t think I have ever seen a friendship sign that looks like this, which is why I decided to make one.

I started with a picture of a person that has a heart, a nose, and a mouth, with an oval shape.

The picture of my friend, Sita, has no such thing, so I took the same idea and created the same concept.

The oval shape was just a little bit too small.

So, I added a little circle around her mouth.

So that’s the circle around Sita’s mouth.

I made the mouth with a circle as well.

This is the result.

Then I drew the circles on her face and made them bigger.

That’s what you see in the picture.

When I drew Sita on the left, I also made her face bigger, because this is the first picture where I used her face in the drawing.

The circles are just there to make it more readable.

I used two different shades of blue and black to make the circles.

You can also use the red circle for the nose and the green circle for her mouth, so you can see that she’s smiling.

It looks really good.

But that’s not all!

Next time, I’m going to make her eyes bigger, so she can see a lot better.

I also took the circles that I made on Sita and made a little rectangle that you can use to show a message or even to give a compliment.

So you can add it to your drawing or make it bigger and it will also fit on the wall.

The circle on her nose is the same shape as the circle on the face.

So I made it bigger, too.

So now you can draw your picture of your friend on the walls of your house.

And don’t forget to take a picture with your phone or digital camera.

If you’re not sure about the size of the circle or the circle that you want to use for your picture, try a friend.

They are a lot easier to draw than a circle, and they’re also easy to change.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on making friendship signs!

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or comments.

And remember, you can always share this tutorial with your friends and family.

This article originally appeared on www.sushila-prakash.com.

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