The idea that “no one likes short stories” is nothing new.

It is something that writers have been trying to break through for generations, and it is not only a myth that has been perpetuated by some writers who are trying to tell a story that is short, to be honest.

This myth is a bit of a straw man, of course, because in a world where many stories have been written, it is possible to write a story of epic proportions.

But the myth also has a real history, and its origin goes back to the days of stories.

In the early days of fiction, stories were written by people who were already familiar with the conventions of the medium.

Writers were often writing short stories, or stories that were told by a narrator or narrator in a way that was at least partially dependent on the reader’s ability to read, and that had a lot of plot and story structure in common with a classic story.

The best of these short stories were usually written for the sole purpose of making the reader feel like he was at the center of a story, that he was not just reading a novel.

And the best of those stories were often also the most compelling ones.

The kind of stories that are called short stories are those that don’t go into much detail, and those stories are usually about characters, not about story.

That’s a good thing, because it’s very easy to lose interest and fall into a kind of depression, and a lot times that’s the end of a good story.

So there’s a real desire to tell stories that you feel like you’re part of, and stories that feel like they’re really part of you.

That doesn’t mean that they’re always going to be short stories.

There are a lot more stories that have a long story in them than short stories do.

For instance, one of the earliest short stories in English is the famous “The Old Maid,” written by the English poet William Wordsworth in the mid-1700s.

It’s a story about a maid who falls in love with a rich nobleman.

The main character, William, is an impulsive man who wants to take the girl for himself, and he has an idea about how to make her do things.

The girl, Charlotte, is the daughter of the nobleman and is his servant.

She’s a pretty girl, with a very strong, expressive face.

William, however, has no idea how to get her to do what he wants.

And so he spends his time trying to convince her to become his maid, and she’s always telling him that she doesn’t want to do it, and doesn’t know what he’s doing, and then she becomes his slave.

But he keeps coming up with new ideas about how she can be a good servant, and his life and career are going to take a big step forward.

And it is interesting to see that story.

Wordsworth, who was an amateur poet, was able to get this story published.

And he wasn’t the only one.

A number of other English writers like William Word, George Herbert and others had their stories published in the early 1730s.

So this story was being written not just by Wordsworth and Wordsworth’s contemporaries, but by all of these people who had written about the love stories of the time.

The story is set in the middle of the Elizabethan period, which was in many ways the most exciting period of English history.

The Elizabethan era was characterized by rapid industrialization and a revolution in technology, and the idea of creating a new kind of man that would have his own kind of world was a really attractive one.

William Word is the one that wins the heroine, and they have to get married in a short story called “The Wedding of Charlotte,” written in 1752.

It has the feel of a novel that’s already set up, and there are a couple of scenes that take place at a wedding banquet and the ending is not really a happy one, because William’s life is just about to end.

The marriage is really a kind, formal affair, but William’s wife is really kind and thoughtful, and Charlotte is just a beautiful, beautiful woman.

That wedding is one of those rare moments in history where you really feel like it’s a part of the story, and you’re not just watching a story unfold, but you’re also part of it.

The idea of being part of a bigger story was a way to tell something that was important to the story that you were writing, and to be able to tell that story without really knowing the characters, or the world that was being told.

It was also a way of giving the reader a sense of a greater story than was being offered.

That was the idea behind “The Great Famine,” a story written in 1817 by the American poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The idea is that there was a famine that swept through

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