Google News article Google’s Android app lets you pair a phone with a smartphone, and now it’s also letting you buy the bracelet from its online store.

It’s not the first time the search giant has tried to connect people online.

Back in 2014, Google announced it would allow you to buy and sell items through its online stores.

The company is now also offering its Android app to let you buy and send money to a friend on the other side of the world.

The app works by scanning QR codes, which are printed on the phone.

After the app scans a QR code, a QR-code widget appears on the home screen.

Click on the widget, and the app asks you to add the friend you want to buy or send money from your phone.

Once you do, the app downloads the payment details, which you can scan in the app or on the web.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a link to the account you bought the bracelet.

The link will show you the exact amount you’ve sent.

It works in a similar way to other services like Paypal and PayPal Plus.

In fact, you can buy a number of other things with the same bracelet: a credit card, a prepaid debit card, and a prepaid card.

But the Google Wallet app is designed for mobile devices.

You can pair the bracelet with a mobile device to give it a PIN code, and it’s a great way to check how much money you’ve saved in one go.

You won’t be able to scan a QR codes directly with the Google app, but you can also use the bracelet as a QR scanner.

You’ll need to set up an account in Google Wallet, but there’s a simple interface for the Google wallet.

Just tap on the QR code widget in the Google Store, and you’ll see the details of the payment.

You need to enter the details, and then tap on “Pay.”

When you’re done, the payment will be processed in minutes.

The Google Wallet payment interface looks similar to PayPal, but it has some more bells and whistles.

For starters, it lets you track how much you’ve spent.

You will also be able see the amount of money you’re getting paid and the credit card information on the device.

Finally, you need to scan the QR codes yourself to check the balance of the purchase.

If the transaction goes through, you will get a credit on the account.

It takes around five minutes for the transaction to complete.

It doesn’t require a credit to use the Google services, and in fact you can even give the bracelet to a loved one or friend, so long as the person who bought it is signed up with Google.

It also supports the likes of Apple Pay, Google Wallet Plus, and Google Wallet Direct.

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