Rana Kalpana Kapur, best known for her roles in films like The Secret Life Of The World’s Most Beautiful Woman and The Secret War Of The Sun, has won the best foreign language film Oscar at the 65th Annual Academy Awards.

The award for Best Foreign Documentary Film was won by the film “The Secret World of The World,” which chronicles the life of the world’s most famous person, who is also known as “The Prince”.

The winner was a collaboration between Kapur and producer Anushka Sharma, who produced the film with director Bollywood superstar Rajkumar Hirani.

The film has also won several awards, including best foreign drama, best documentary, best actor for Kalpao, best actress for Anushkan and best supporting actress for Akshay Kumar.

Rana Kapurs “The Story of the People of India” was directed by Shobha Kaur and stars Rana and Anushko, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in the film.

The documentary was released last year.

The award ceremony, which takes place in Beverly Hills on Feb. 7, will be televised live on CNN-IBN and will be followed by live streaming on CNN GO.

Rani Sathyanarayanan, a former editor of the Indian Express, said, “The award has given a new meaning to ‘goodbye’.

It’s an expression of what a woman means to a country.

It also signifies that the people of India are still here.”

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