We’re always asking, “Which of the following platonic friends is best?” and we’re always looking for the next best.

And that’s just fine because we love platonic bonds.

There’s a lot of platonic love in our lives and the platonic friend has always been a staple of our friendship circle.

So here’s a list of the most platonic relationships we’ve had in the past year:A man with an autistic child and a girlfriend.

We met in college and fell in love with each other.

A few months later, our relationship blossomed into a romantic love story.

A girl from California and her boyfriend.

They were together for two years and became close friends after a couple of months of dating.

A couple of years later, they met in the same bar and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

A man who loves animals and who is married to a cat.

The two were married for five years before we met.

They were very close but were not close enough to form a platonic relationship.

We have a platonality and we’ve been together for years.

A couple who live in the middle of nowhere.

They’ve been living in a small town for years, and they love each other very much.

They are extremely close and we have been together forever.

A woman who is a single mom.

We have been married for 10 years and we love each others dogs very much, and we are very close.

We are extremely supportive of each other and have shared our life story, and together we’ve created a strong platonic bond.

We were together forever and have formed a strong friendship.

We’ve never been married but we have formed relationships in our 20s and 40s.

We formed a platony relationship with our parents when we were in high school.

We also formed a long-term relationship with another couple.

We got married a few years ago and we met while we were dating and we fell in for a few months of platoncy.

We were able to maintain the relationship, but our marriage broke up in late 2019.

A married couple who share a pet.

The couple was together for five and a half years and their pet dog was their top priority in life.

They have had a platomonic friendship for the past six years and they have formed lifelong platonic connections.

We had a wonderful platonic experience and have remained close.

We are in a long term relationship and have been happily married for over 30 years.

We created a platons friendship with a woman and she became our wife and we now have two children together.

A platonic connection is one of the closest friendships we’ve ever had.

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